Monumental Baltimore City

Monumental Baltimore City, incorporated in 1797, is home to 40 churches, 30 hospitals, numerous hotels and motels, and miles of row houses, many of which could probably be placed in the historical list. It’s oldest house dates back to circa 1765. It is also home to numerous historic sites, the most important of which is Fort McHenry which inspired the Star Spangled Banner.

Baltimore has a library system comprised of a main branch and 22 satellite branches. It has a zoo next to the country’s 2nd oldest conservatory which was built in 1888. It is also home to Pimlico race track, 2nd leg of the Preakness.

As in other older cities that date back to the most important events in our country’s history, her buildings are majestic. Their beauty boast of skills of craftmen who are probably long gone.

With its approximately 17 colleges and universities, Baltimore is a college town.